Memory Lamps (TM)
These beautiful Memory Lamps (TM) offer an alternative to flowers and make great unique sympathy
gifts. May your Memory Lamp light the way for memories and bring comfort as they shine on you always.  
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Memory Lamps (TM)
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Tiffany Style
Beach Tiffany Memory Lamp™
A perfect Memory Lamp™ for the beach lover. The ocean blue water and soft brown beach sand is the perfect setting for a lighthouse and sailboat. With colors of ocean blue, sandy browns and red and white anyone that loves the beach theme will fall in love with this lamp. 12"W x 18"H and includes a 40-Watt Bulb.
Calming Sea Tiffany Memory Lamp™
A serene lamp with light blue wave motif and dark blue cabochons gives you the feeling of a calm sea. 14"H x 9"W includes a 15-watt bulb. SOLD OUT
Sea Shell Tiffany Memory Lamp™
A unique Sea Shell Tiffany Memory Lamp™ A perfect gift for a beach home, or the beach lover. This tiffany lamp has a soft earth tone colored background filled with various sizes of sea shells all in the earth tone colors of browns and gold. Measures 18"H x 15"W includes a 15-watt bulb.
Dragonfly Tiffany Blue/Green Memory Lamp™
The dragonfly is known to represent the universal symbol of immortality. This lamp makes a nice accent lamp with its green background with hues of blue around the top of the lamps with yellow dragonflies and blue wings and red golden edge along the bottom of the shade with hints of blue and red gems. 23in. H x 16in. W Includes a 60W Bulb.
Flowering Victorian Memory Lamp™
An elegant victorian style Memory Lamp™ so colorful with its cream and shades of green background and pink and purple flowers and green leaves.
Grapes Large Tiffany Memory Lamp™
Red gem grapes cascading down a cream shade with vaious hues of green leaves makes this Memory Lamp™ very unique. Measures 24"H x 16"W and includes a 60 watt bulb
Red Hearts Tiffany Memory Lamp™
Express your "Heartfelt" sympathy with this stunning Heart Tiffany Memory Lamp™. As you light this lamp let it be a constant reminder that your loved one is forever in your "heart". A cream background shade with red and orange hearts encompass the bottom of this stunning tiffany lamp. Measures 23"h x 16"w includes 1 60 watt bulb
Poppy Tiffany Memory Lamp™
Our newest Memory Lamp™ This vibrant colorful poppy tiffany has beautiful large red and pink poppy flowers with hues of green leaves on a cream background. Measures 16"W x 24.5"H Includes a 60 Watt Bulb
Dragonfly with Base Tiffany Memory Lamp™
This beautiful Tiffany inspired dragonfly (known to represent the symbol of immortality) table lamp is a great addition to any decor and will add classic character to any room. The lamp is crafted from quality stained art glass in natural hues of browns and orange, the base is uniquely crafted with mosaic detail. The lamps primary colors are green, brown and orange. Lamp stands 16 inches tall and has a shade width of 16 inches. Includes a 60-watt light bulb
Flowering Tiffany Memory Lamp™
A beautiful Flowering Tiffany Memory Lamp™ with its large red flower on the front of the shade and with hues of light blue, green gold. Measures 23"H x 16"W and includes 1-60 Watt bulb.
Queen Tiffany Memory Lamp™
A New addition to our Memory Lamps™ This table lamp is so calming with a string of golden cabochons that trims the bottom of the white colored shade. The soft glow of moss green, goldenrod and reds make this a beautiful yet peaceful lamp. Measures 6x13 and includes a 15 watt bulb. OUT OF STOCK
Sunflower Tiffany Memory Lamp™
Our stunning Sunflower Memory Lamp™ is one of our favorites with its cream background and bright bold orange sunflowers with green leaves. Measures 15"H x 8"W and includes a 25 watt bulb.
Butterfly Tiffany Mini Memory Lamp™
This stunning colorful Butterfly Tiffany Memory Lamp™ (it is believed that butterflies bring your soul to heaven) has yellow butterflies flying around a green colored shade with pink and and red flowers. Create a memory with the warm glow of our beautiful memory lamps™ Lamp measures 12"H x 6"W. includes a 25 watt bulb
Irish Claddagh Tiffany Memory Lamp™
Our newest collection of Irish lamps. The Claddagh with a cream background with amber, green and reds. The Claddagh symbol is a traditional Irish symbol which represents love, loyalty, and friendship (the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty). Measures 12"W x 19"H includes a 40 Watt bulb.
Halston Tiffany Memory Lamp™
A beautiful neutral color Memory Lamp™ with its cream background and amber and brown accent colors. A Beautiful lamp that will match any decor. Measures 16"H x 12"W and includes a 40 watt candelabra bulb. OUT OF STOCK
Shades of Amber Tiffany Memory Lamp ™
A stunning turn of the century design tiffany Memory Lamp ™ with a graceful shell pattern is a beautiful complement to this simple domed shade in neutral colors of beige with hints of brown and amber. The symmetry continues on the wave motif pedestal base. 27H" x 16W" includes 2- 60-watt bulbs.
Trinity Tiffany Memory Lamp
A beautiful Mission styled Irish Trinity Lamp which measures 8"w x 19"h.
Celtic Pathways Memory Lamp
The beautiful celtic lamp has a cream background with purple iris knot with white gems. Measures 14.5" w x 8.5"h OUT OF STOCK
Halston Tiffany Mini Memory Lamp™
The mini size to our beautiful Halston Memory Lamp™ A beautiful neutral color Memory Lamp™ with its cream background and amber and brown accent colors. A Beautiful lamp that will match any decor. Measures 6"W x 12"H and includes a 15 watt candelabra bulb.
Celtic Wave Memory Lamp™
A beautiful new Memory Lamp™ This Celtic lamp fits with any decor with its cream background and a blue celtic wave symbol within the tiffany shade. Measure 8"W x 14"H and includes a 15-watt bulb.
Vivaldi Memory Lamp™
A beautiful Memory Lamp™ Our Vivaldi Memory Lamp™ makes a perfect accent lamp with its hues of greens, browns and blue trim which wraps around the lamp. A Beautiful lamp that will match any decor. Measures 6"W x 12"H and includes a 15 watt candelabra bulb. OUT OF STOCK
Cathedral Tiffany Memory Lamp™
A beautiful colorful Memory Lamp™ A cream background with hues of reds, greens, blues and some yellow. This lamp will look beautiful in any room with its colorful shade. Measures 6"w x 12"h and includes a 15-watt bulb.