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November 2015
Many new Memory Lamps and gifts have arrived, just in time for the holidays.

January 2015
Happy New Year to you all.  Wow already a new year where does time go.  We we have
been very busy bringing in new Memory Lamps and new gifts and new gourmet food
come visit us we would love to see you.
So many new products have arrived in our store and we are so excited.  We have
new Memory Lamps, Memory Balls, Memory Candles, New Gourmet food for our Gift
Baskets, fun new jewelry.....stop by to see all our new finds.
Aug 23, 2011
New sympathy gifts have just been added to our website as well as new Memory
Aug 2011
Many new Memory Lamps have arrived, keep checking our website as we will keep
adding new Lamps for the next 2 months.
July 2011
Our Teapot Memory Lamp and Praying Angel Memory Lamp are back in stock as well
as our Whispers Teddy Bear.
June 14, 2011
New Memory Lamps will be arriving in the next couple weeks as well as our favorite
Memory Lamps that are out of stock.  Please come visit our store, website or call us
to see if your favorite Memory Lamp is back in stock.
June 2011
We are now on facebook....look for us under Memory Lamps by Calla Lily's and add us
as your friend to find out what is happening at our store.  
May 2011
Lots of new Memory Lamps have arrived, check out our website to see our selection.  
Back in stock -  praying angel lamp, kissing angel lamp, spiral butterfly, spiral
dragonfly and spiral angel Memory Lamps.  
Dec 2010
Many new lamps, wax bowls and other gifts have arrived for the holidays.
Oct 2010
New beautiful Memory Lamps have arrived, check out our speciality collection under
our Memory Lamps link.
March 2010
Sorry I have not been around but I was out having a baby.  Have you checked our
accent collection of our Memory Lamps lately? We added some new lamps and check
back next month as we are getting in more new lamps.
October 2009
My has time flown by.  Before you know it the holidays will be here.  Are you looking
for a unique gift for that someone special for the holidays.  Our Memory Lamps make
the perfect gift with over 100 styles to choose from.  We also have beautiful holiday
poems to go with every lamp.  Stop by and see us so we can help you choose that
special gift for the holidays. Remember all lamps are gift wrapped so no need to
August 2009
The summer has finally arrived, we all thought it would never come.  A great time for
birthday parties and baby and wedding showers.  We have some beautiful Tiffany
style Memory Lamps for those special parties.  
June 17, 2009
Well its that time of year when the kids are finishing up with school and they remind
you that they need a special gift for that special teacher.  We do have Teacher
Appreciation poems for that special teacher to add to a beautiful Memory Lamp or we
also carry a large assortment of other unique gifts in the $20.00 range, we would love
to help you, stop by and visit.
May 1, 2009
Do you know that Memory Lamps can be used for other occasions. We have poems to
fit retirement, Mother's Day, New Home, New Baby, Confirmation, Wedding, Showers,
Birthday, Thank You,  Get Well, Engagement, Anniversary, Friendship, Red Hat and all
the holidays.  So if your looking for  unique gift for that special occasion, remember
our Memory Lamps make the perfect gift.
April 22, 2009
I learn a lot from my customers, I really enjoy hearing their stories and how the
Memory Lamps help them during a time of loss.  I have one particular customer that
told me a story that I often tell to others to help them understand just how much
these lamps mean to people.  This one special lady had lost her husband and
received one our Memory Lamps from a friend in honor of her husband.  She
explained to us how she turned on her lamp and has kept it on since the day she
received it as it brings piece and comfort to her.  She also used this lamp as a way to
give her a sign, as she explained to me she was looking for the right time to spread
her husband ashes in the ocean upon his request.  She decided to turn on the lamp
the day she received it and to keep it light until the light bulb got tired and burnt out
and that would be the sign she needed for the spreading of her loving husband
ashes.  Do you know that lamp shined in his memory for just about a year before the
bulb burnt out.  I was so touched that she wanted to share such a special story with
me.  What a lovely lady,  thank you for your beautiful story.
April 3, 2009
A lot of people have asked me what made me open up Calla Lily's and where did the
idea of Memory Lamps come from.  Well back about 6 years ago my mom and I lost a
dear family member and we talked about looking for a gift that would have timeless
memories instead of the traditional flowers that we felt was just too impersonal and
would die after a few days.  My mom has such a creative flair and with her design
background wrote a heart felt personalized poem about light and memories so then
we searched for a beautiful Tiffany Lamp to accompany the poem and found the
perfect way to gift wrap the lamp with a beautiful hand-tied bow that matched the
color of the lamp.  Both my mom and I were so touched with all the positive response
we received with the lamp that it inspired us to open a retail store and sell our
Memory Lamps to others that were looking for an alternative to sympathy gifts.  As for
our name Calla Lily's, those were the beautiful flowers that I carried on my wedding
Entry for March 28, 2009
How much do you spend on a Memory Lamp.....Fortunately, we have Memory Lamps to fit almost
any budget with them starting at $35.95 for a beautiful angel tulip accent Memory Lamp to the
$335.00 Largest Tiffany Style Memory Lamp.   What is nice about our lamps is that we have over
100 styles to choose from and they range in various colors and sizes.  Our most popular
collections are the accent collection and the mini Tiffany styles.  The choice is up to you,
remember though when sending a Memory Lamp you are sending those grieving an everlasting
gift of light that they will cherish for years to come.  
Entry for February 05, 2009
I often have people asking me what is the proper gift to give to someone who has just lost a loved
one. There are so many sympathy gifts out there but my favorite gift to give when one is grieving
is a Memory Lamp. Flowers are expensive and die quickly only leaving the griever another thing
to deal with throwing the flowers away. With a Memory Lamp they now have an everlasting gift
of light which they can light everyday day and think of their loved one and can even pass it down
in the family. These Memory Lamps just seem to have helped everyone I have given them to. All
my friends can't thank me enough for the beautiful gift of light in remembrance of their loved
Entry for October 19, 2008
What do Butterfly's symbolize?   This a question that a lot of our customers have asked us.  
Butterfly's symbolize eternal life.  And many believe that the butterfly brings your soul to
heaven.  That is why the butterfly lamp is the most popular lamp in our Memory Lamp collection.
Entry for February 27, 2007
As I read the paper I find that my friends mom has passed away. She was a lovely lady that
always engaged in our activities. Its sad to hear that she passed at a young age. I want to do
something special for my friend to remember her mom by. Flowers just seem so average,
everybody sends them, they look the same at the funeral home no matter how much money your
spend on them. I want my friend to have a gift to remember her mom by that will last forever.
Thats when I decide to send a beautiful Memory Lamp.   The lamp I will pick will remind me of
my friends mom, always happy and cheerful, full of light and laughter, I think I will send a bright
flowery lamp. Each time my friend looks at this Memory Lamp may she have happy memories of
her loving mom.
Entry for January 26, 2007
Expressing your sympathy takes on a new light with Memory Lamps.   Many times we hear of a
friend or relative that lost a love one and we want to send a gift to help comfort them.  Why not
send an everlasting gift of light.  Memory lamps are the newest concept for those who want to
express their sympathy at a time of bereavement with an everlasting gift of light.   These
Memory Lamps offer an alternative to flowers and will be a remembrance of your loved one
every-time you light it.   These beautiful memory lamps come with a poem in a frame which can
be placed anywhere in your home in memory of your loved one.  
Entry for December 29,  2006
My best friend passed away and left 2 beautiful daughters behind.  I just could not see spending
all the money of flowers that would not last long enough.  So I sent each girl a lamp to remind
them of the "light and laughter" their father had brought to my life.  I remember how much
Craig had loved the color blue, so much that he had to have blue lights on his Christmas tree
every year even though nobody else wanted the blue lights.  So when I picked out a lamp for each
of this daughters I made sure that both lamps were blue in memory of their dad Craig (my best
friend that I miss so much).  
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